The tournament 2 is starting.

To participate in the tournament, you must purchase 1 War Ticket.

You can win WAX and NFTs rewards by participating in the tournament. By blending War Ticket you will get a series 5 hero. Each hero has his or her own power. The first 3 people to combine the heroes with the most power will be the winners of the tournament.

In case of a draw, the war will proceed to the 2nd round.

Click to download the Hero Rarity and Power List.

Get your hero by purchasing your ticket before the tournament start time at the latest.
Those who do not obtain their Hero when the tournament starts will be considered defeated.

You can take 3 heroes to war by purchasing a maximum of 3 Tickets.

Each hero you include in battle gives you only 1 right. Hero powers do not stack.

The tournament 2 will start at 19:00 UTC on 30 November. Blend your heroes before the tournament starts.

This is not a game.

Tournament rewards

1st prize: 35% WAX of ticket sales – 1,000,000 AXR – 1 Mega Ball Pack

2nd prize: 20% WAX of ticket sales – 500,000 AXR – 1 Mega Ball Pack

3rd prize: 15% WAX – 500,000 AXR – 1 Mega Ball Pack

war tıcket

You can participate in the Tournament by purchasing a War Ticket.